Art Therapy will definitely help you!

Art Therapy will definitely help you!

Dalibor Jonic

Both, physical and psychological, pain challenge you on every day basis. They also do more than that and affect the inclusive fitness of genes.

I am not a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist but I'll try to explain how art can have a positive impact of your well being. So, you might wonder how beneficial that could be?

Since childhood I’ve always loved the comic book characters, if only for that reason – the art and stories were pretty decent too. For the most part these twenty-five issues featured stories and art which were fun and admirable; entertaining and laudable.

Of course, like real life, there is also a particular art which has its own unique form of evolution. Art is everywhere. All those manicures, pedicures, skin treatments, makeup sessions, and magical creams. One art director was to oversee a fashion photo shoot where elegant dresses contrasted with the industrial mechanisms of his chewing boat. Or think about becoming an certified teacher. To become a certified teacher requires about 600 hours ' residential training and takes at least two years, during which instruction is provided not only in abnormal psychology but also in numerous esoteric matters including world cosmologies, theologies, shamanism, astrology, alchemy, imagery in nonordinary states of consciousness, perinatal and transpersonal themes in art and culture, the psychological and philosophical meaning of death, psychic phenomena and also meditation. In fact, that's all art, also your entire lifespan becomes a golden art.

While at university I was luckely able to attend operas, ballet, art galleries and major sporting events. As Information Scientist, a day rapidly progressed between java classes, drama club activities, more classes, meeting with my academic advisor, streching practice and working a four hour shift for a company.

If you look upon seeing a beautiful painting, you may tends also to admire the painter ’ s skill, his style and genius. We tend to think of them as works of art that have little or no spiritual significance. But this is where your therapy starts manifesting itself.

So, how does it work?
Doctors have a deep desire to keep you away from your fear because one of the reasons why many therapists choose therapy is because you're afraid and they don't want to address it.

As founder of rational and emotional behavior therapy, sir Albert Ellis, noted that non-rational thinking is the factor that leads to negative mood reactions and various biological or psychological symptoms. So the job of a therapist is to get the client to deal with their non-rational thoughts, and then replace them with rational thinking.

Some hints, what you can do next. After Covid-19 shutdown ends, you may also visit Botanic Gardens. Botanic Gardens also host temporary art exhibits, lectures, guided tours, demonstrations, and other events throughout the year, mostly in the visitor center and café.

At the end, art may help you to full recover, so your therapy has an happy journey and you are again clear for launch.

Hope, i could tell briefly explain it to you, why art really helps. That's also one reason why computer programming is often seen as an art rather than a science. And I really enjoy it just as is. ㋡

Although the sophisticated use of art, demographics, and psychology to control consumers ' minds may be seen as an exercise in power, I will not make that case here. ヅ

05 May