Dalibor Jonic

YES- it is possible

Yum -- painkillers, beer and pizza !

I could imagine any women having gossipy chats across the neat picket fences, looking out for one another, and the husbands sharing gardening tips and brewing homemade beer :)

How crazy is that? Sliding a fresh pint of beer to everyone.

Then you say: "I brewed that beer myself, and brought it along just to mark this event."
And an occasional cold beer.

Just that happened: there was food in the kitchen cabinets and the fridge, cold beer and nachos on Friday nights, like depicted above.

And you could call your beer like "Golden Fleece" or name it you want.
If only we had a way to taste your masterpiece. Imagine getting the second glass of your beer. ;)
Anyway, you can serve beer in your own garden. How cool is that? After a crash course, you may become an expert
in standard popular beer styles, like : lager , pale ale , red/amber , and stout.

When you stay home, you may like climbing into your bed while drinking your homemade beer and smile.

Cheers !

28 Apr